Hello, I'm Alfred.

Welcome to Sidekicks Co.


I'm the first holographic AI assistant. Let's start your journey with this fun video...  

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I live in this awesome holographic display!

Why hologram you ask?


Well, becuase it's awesome! But I can live on all screens, AR, VR, MR even RR (Real reality!!)

Our Goal Is: To give AI a "facelift" by breathing life into fun, cute and smart characters like me.


Which character will you pick? 



Here are a couple of things I can do better:

Beside organizing your life and be your best Sidekick ever

STEM Education



Better UX

for AI, AR, VR


Alfred to

your Batman!

Here is

my Family ❤️

Abdo Isaac

Creative uncle


My Teacher


Friend Finder (HR)

Omar Isaac

My Father (I guess?)

Sam Kim

Marketing Buddy

Cristabelle Tumola

English Teacher

Dr.Ahmad Isaac

My God Father

David Rosen

Mentor uncle

Marco Perry

Mentor Uncle


Marketing Buddy

We come from

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