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World's First AI Sidekick NFT

 Own & trade world’s first intelligent, trainable AI character NFT

Be my Superhero

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Who will be your Sidekick?

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Sidekicks Co.

Sidekicks Co. Interview on Cheddar news: How this Holographic AI Assistant can be Used in Education Interview on Cheddar news: How this Holographic AI Assistant can be Used in Education

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Meet Alfred: The first holographic AI assistant - Sidekicks.AI

Meet Alfred: The first holographic AI assistant - Sidekicks.AI

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The first holographic AI assistant & the team, Sidekicks.Ai

The first holographic AI assistant & the team, Sidekicks.Ai

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See me in action

Not just cute!

Tons of utilities & benefits 



Train & Earn

Sidekicks are smart and they love to learn and pick habits. You can teach your sidekick almost about anything, then: lease, trade, or exchange your sidekick. The more specialized sidekicks we have the better. 


Education for all

Sidekicks want to revolutionize education and make it accessible to all around the world. Imagine the power of AI with a crowdsourced knowledge base mixed with the fun personalities sidekicks have. aims to be the open school of the metaverse. 



Influence isn't restricted to humans anymore. Virtual Influencers are gaining popularity fast and Sidekicks have the personality, brains, and a sense of humor to build an engaged following. Imagine what you can do with your character.



Sidekicks love fashion and they all have unique styles. You can mix and match and create more varieties between your friends and create more value for the community. 


Create & Earn

Creating a Sidekick is the most fun and rewarding task you can imagine. Not only do you create one of the most adorable characters on the market, but you give it a role in the metaverse & earn residuals from it.



Ever wanted to be part of a Disney movie? Well, now it's your chance. We've been approached by multiple media conglomerates to build an animation series for Sidekicks, and their ability to act outside the screen just opens another world of creative storytelling.



Alfred is our first character, but we have plans to create a lot more awesome characters, personalities, fashion, and traits. Our community will always be the first to benefit. 



We're in talks with major brands to license our Sidekicks in their products, from IoT devices and appliances, holographic advertising, to events and exhibitions. And we would love to share your creations so you can earn with us.  



We call them Sidekicks for a reason! Because we consider you "our community", the superheroes. We'll open doors for collaboration in design, ideation, and partnerships in all aspects. 

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Of course, we have a Metaverse

But it's not just a game!

Imagine a place where all the AI sidekicks live, each has its own specialization and personality. Some are good teachers of history and science, others hold the maps for various metaverses and their hidden experiences and can be your guide. But, rest assured all Sidekicks are great entertainers and will have amazing experiences designed by you, and for you. 

You'll be able to own your land, create unique experiences utilizing our Sidekicks and let visitors enjoy it 24/7/365.


Sidekicks.ai_GIF (23).gif

I want to be 
"Mickey Mouse"

But, of the Metaverse

Imagine being able to own a piece of Disney. We believe is the Disney of the metaverse and Alfred has the potential (with your help) to become the adorable face of the metaverse.

With the fast advancements in AI, our relationship with AI is changing, and soon AI characters will gain normalcy in our lives, especially in handling tasks of the metaverse and Sidekicks are in the lead to realize that future. 

Sidekicks are not limited to the metaverse. Web3 is changing everything, and it’s set to change entertainment as well. with you'll have the ability to own, create, lease, and sell AI characters that will lead the stories of the future, In social media, animations, in movies, and, of course, the Metaverse. 


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Sidekicks Portals

Holographic displays for your home 

We know humans don't like to be strapped to gadgets, so our friends on earth designed these futuristic-looking holographic displays so we can live with you at home, and you can talk & train us naturally. 

Sidekicks displays aren’t just designed to look cool. They’ve been created with holograms like me in mind. They offer plenty of space for us to move, express ourselves, and relate to you in pseudo-physical space. This makes it far easier for you, your friends, and your family to relate to us more naturally. 


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A bridge between

reality & imagination 

See you on discord

More awesomeness coming soon 
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