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World's First AI Sidekick NFT

 Own & trade world’s first intelligent, trainable AI character NFT

Be my Superhero

Join Sidekicks whitelist 

Who will be your Sidekick?

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Sidekicks Co.

Sidekicks Co. Interview on Cheddar news: How this Holographic AI Assistant can be Used in Education Interview on Cheddar news: How this Holographic AI Assistant can be Used in Education

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Meet Alfred: The first holographic AI assistant - Sidekicks.AI

Meet Alfred: The first holographic AI assistant - Sidekicks.AI

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The first holographic AI assistant & the team, Sidekicks.Ai

The first holographic AI assistant & the team, Sidekicks.Ai

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See me in action

Not just cuteness! 

A lot of utilities & benefits for all 



Train & Trade

Sidekicks are smart and they love to learn and pick habits. You can teach your sidekick almost about anything, then: lease, trade, or exchange your sidekick. The more specialized sidekicks we have the better. 


Education for all

Sidekicks want to revolutionize education and make it accessible to all around the world. Imagine the power of AI with a crowdsourced knowledge base mixed with the fun personalities sidekicks have. could the open school of the metaverse. 



Sidekicks love fashion and they all have unique styles. You can mix and match and create more varieties between your friends and more value to the community. 



Creating a Sidekick is the most fun and rewarding task you can imagine. from creating its look, traits, sound, personality, and all the little details that make us human adore them. Join the fun in creating our next characters.



Alfred is our first character, but we have plans to create a lot more awesome characters, personalities, fashion, and traits. Our community will always be the first to benefit. 



We're in talks with major brands to license our Sidekicks in their products, from IoT devices and appliances, holographic advertising, to events and exhibitions. And we would love to share your creations so you can earn with us.  

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Sidekicks Pod

What's inside?

+Your own unique Sidekick. 
+ Ability to personalize & train your Sidekick. 
+ Ability to lease, sell, or exchange. 
+ 100% commercial right for your character and data.
+ Right to vote on our next characters.
+ Whitelisted for our next drop.
+ Airdrops: breeding pills, knowledge pills, batteries, fashion accessories, etc. 
+ Whitelisted for Sidekicks Metaverse real estate. 
+ Create fashion accessories, knowledge pills, and breed your Sideckis.  
+ Exclusive toys & merch access. 
+ Whitelisted for our exclusive holographic displays.
+ First to test our app launch. 
+ Pitch your ideas, vote, and we'll bring them to reality. 
+ Learn how we build it, interviews, tutorials, and all the bloopers. 
+ Take part in our animation & movie ideas.
+ Use our AR Sidekicks app to make videos with Sidekicks.
+Access to Sidekicks Exchange. 
+ Exclusive events and holographic parties. 
+ Cameo messages from Alfred. 


Of course, we have a metaverse

But It's not just a game!

Imagine a place where all the AI sidekicks live, each has its own specialization and personality. Some are good teachers of history & science, others hold the maps for various metaverses and their hidden experiences and can be your guide. But, rest assured all Sidekicks are great entertainers and will have amazing experiences designed by you, and for you. 

You'll be able to own your land, create unique experiences utilizing our Sidekicks and let visitors enjoy it 24/7/365.


Sidekicks.ai_GIF (23).gif

I want to be 
"Mickey Mouse"

But, of the Metaverse

Imagine being able to own a piece of Disney. We believe is the Disney of the metaverse and Alfred has the potential (with your help) to become the adorable face of the metaverse.

With the fast advancements in AI, our relationship with AI is changing, and soon AI characters will gain normalcy in our lives, especially in handling tasks of the metaverse and Sidekicks are in the lead to realize that future. 

Sidekicks are not limited to the metaverse. Web3 is changing everything, and it’s set to change entertainment as well. with you'll have the ability to own, create, lease, and sell AI characters that will lead the stories of the future, In social media, animations, in movies, and -of course- the metaverse. 


Sidekicks.ai_GIF (19).gif

Flight path 

To stars and beyond 


- Give all minters in Discord an airdrop of Alfred Ancillary NFTs

- Begin planning the next Sidekicks Character

- Allow the NFT holders to participate in creating the next character

Release hardware for Alfred

- Open up trading of NFTs between users

- Release Accessories For Alfred


- Release Pets as Sidekicks 

- Release New Home For Alfred

- Breed of Alfred Begins

- New Sidekick Released 

- Metaverse Space Preview Released 


- Allow Users to Speak With Alfred in App

- Trading Accessories Begin

- Users Able To Train Alfred Together

- Alfred Getting Outfits Based On Training

Sidekicks Portals

Holographic displays for your home 

We know humans don't like to be strapped to gadgets, so our friends on earth designed these futuristic-looking holographic displays so we can live with you at home, and you can talk & train us naturally. 

Sidekicks displays aren’t just designed to look cool. They’ve been created with holograms like me in mind. They offer plenty of space for us to move, express ourselves, and relate to you in pseudo-physical space. This makes it far easier for you, your friends, and your family to relate to us more naturally. 

alfred all devices.gif

A bridge between

reality & imagination 


Why Should I Be Involved?

You should be involved if you want to evolve the space. This NFT project allows you to get in early on the action - logically the way we consume and create entertainment has to change with the advent of web3. Why not get in bed with the company that is bringing a beloved character to the space & allowing you to create a piece of his personality? As Alfred grows, so do you. When the meta verse reaches mass adoption and bleeds into all our homes, Alfred will be known by the masses. You will profit from this newfound recognition.


  • Alfred is irresistible & cute

  • You have a hand in creating the face of the metaverse

  • You’re able to profit forever from this project

  • Being able to participate in all of the new utilities down the line

What’s The End Goal?

The end goal is to create a new framework for character creation and branding in the metaverse. Picture instead of a large company with thousands of employees and a small team of owners, we had a decentralized and democratized system of owners that put together deals. Alfred allows numerous owners with their own variations to bring deals to the table and profit from them individually and collectively. Alfred’s intelligence will become synonymous with entertainment on the blockchain. We will create an entertainment revolution for the space.


This Sounds Great, Is There More?

There’s a lot more - Alfred is meant to be this expansive character with a giant universe in the new era of metaverse of entertainment.


Breeding: Alfred will be able to use his traits to breed with other Alfreds. This can create Alfreds with new color variations and knowledge bases. The holders will profit from these new baby Alfred that will soon grow into adulthood & enter the entertainment business.


Metaverse Space: Do you remember Tamagotchi? What about Toma-Alfred? Alfred will exist in his own metaverse space where he has an adorable little house & can live out his dreams while learning from its a holder. In this space, users can walk around and get guided tours by the Alfred - picture being in a world governed by these emotionally intelligent cute bots. This metaverse space will be like none other as not only does AI control it, but that AI is trained by the users.

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