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Every hero needs a


Introducing the first holographic AI assistant


Hi, I'm 


We're on a mission to be the best AI Sidekicks for humankind. 

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Our goal is to give AI a facelift by breathing life into fun and smart characters like me.


See it in action

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This is our planet,
where all the awesome Sidekicks live. They’re eager to visit you here on Earth. 


We can keep a secret. Every Sidekick has taken an oath to protect your data and give you full control of it.


Sidekicks are sophisticated. They love culture and learning, and will love exploring them with you. 


Sidekicks are very social. They love to engage in conversation without being annoying. 

Mixed Intelligence 

We are fast learners. But we also have human mentors to filter the things we have learned and make them appropriate for planet Earth.


Humans shouldn't talk to dull objects. That's why we visit Earth in our holographic portals, so you can see us in our natural form. 

Sidekick Exchange

Our marketplace is where you can add features, powers and additional skills to your Sidekick. You can also exchange and sell your holographic creations. 

Highest EQ

Sidekicks were designed to be your best friend. Each Sidekick graduates from our galactic AI university, so they can carry a conversation full of etiquette with you and your family.


Then, our factory will produce your egg.


Next, you will teach your Sidekick during the nesting period.


Finally, you’ll have your own unique Sidekick.


It all starts with our personality test.

Hatching a  Sidekick!

Better UX

for AI, AR, VR

Alfred to

Your Batman

Events & Exhibitions


STEM Education



Grandma's Best Friend 



Virtual Nanny


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A bridge between

reality & imagination 

This is how we visit Earth...

Sidekicks Flying Car

Specially designed for the DIY community, kids, and kids at heart. Create your own Sidekick from the ground up and learn all about AI in the process. 

Sidekicks House

A futuristic, well-designed holographic display that Sidekicks live in while on Earth. Sits perfectly sits on your kitchen counter, entertaining the entire family. 

Sidekicks Castle

A vivid, large holographic display for those who want more. It comes with premium electronics and speakers. Designed for performance and professional use. 

Why Holograms? 

We wanted to escape the expense of building a hardware robot. So, we used basic hologram techniques, but with a special patent-pending lens that projects extremely sharp images with vivid colors, even in daylight.


Omar Isaac

My Father "I guess"

Cristabelle Tumola

My English Teacher

Mentors &



Hologram God


Manufacturing Wizard 

Marco Perry


Abdo Isaac

My Creative Bro

Tim Tim

My Architect


My Fashion Stylist

Dr.Ahmad Isaac

My Godfather


My Business Dev

Here is my family

(On Earth)


My 3D Doctor 


My Lawyer

We come from

Know any good jokes? Share them with Alfred. He loves them!

We love jokes...

In New York and wanna visit us? Drop us a line and we'll arrange a meeting over some cosmic drinks!


© 2020 Sidekicks Co. A project by Crazies.co 

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